About Us

Established in February 2016 as a provider of integrated offshore subsea services to the oil and gas industry for the American Region (Central and North America and South America).

It operates through its base office located in Houston which is an established Hub for the Oil and Gas activities in the region. DDS has access to a wide range of diving units for shallow and deep water interventions, ROV Systems, Underwater hydraulic & Pneumatic tools, NDT equipment and a fleet of Diving/ROV Support Vessels.

Because of its organizational structure, strong Technical support and meticulous planning, Development Diving Services LLC can mobilize rapidly and efficiently support projects throughout the American region. Development Diving Services LLC adopts to new technologies by inducting state of the art equipment and employing skilled workforce for providing customers with quality and cost effective services. We have the capability to satisfy every need for subsea works to the satisfaction of our valued customers anywhere in the region.

The DDS Experience

We vouch to give you our personal touch that is of highest Quality and utmost Professional ethics to ensure the flawless execution of your projects.
We commit ourselves to follow the latest Safe Industry Practices including the Guidelines and Recommended Practices circulated by International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (OGP).

Business Ethics
DDS activities are performed with due respect to applicable legislation, in fair competition, with honesty, integrity and good faith, to protect the interest of its customers, employees, associates, stakeholders and the society. Business is always done with fairness, loyalty, transparency and fair competition.
Bribes, illegitimate favors or request of personal benefits is viewed as detrimental to the company policies. Information concerning its employees, customers, sub contractors, suppliers, professionals, stakeholders and any interested parties, whether generated inside or acquired from external sources during the course of activities are kept confidential.

Corporate Policies

Corporate Vision
“We aspire to be a respectable subsea contractor in the American Regions by the end of 2020.”

Mission Statement
“To be a midsize subsea contractor in next 3 to 5 years by operating group owned assets, developing internal resources and achieving a respectable revenue.” Our short term objective is to qualify for all possible Oil & Gas companies and bid for maximum no of tenders. In the long term our goal is to grow with our people, subcontractors and associates.

Our corporate objectives are:
a) To work towards Zero injury.
b) Take proactive measures for reducing and eliminating risks.
c) Abide with all applicable legislation and other requirements.
d) Upgrade on technology, skills and knowledge of co-workers.
e) Strive for enhancing customer satisfaction in a safe & healthy working environment.
f) To work towards zero pollution.
g) To protect our valued workforce, subcontractors and client personnel
h) To protect our equipment and assets and that of our clients at all times.
We will strive to achieve and maintain a position of being preferred subsea contractors through up gradation of our skills and achieving customer expectations by periodic review of project performance and effectiveness of QHSE management system.”


Quality Policy
“Development Diving Services LLC strives to position itself as the preferred subsea contractor by providing solution and support, for execution of Marine, ROV and Diving projects, and maintaining its quality of services that meets and exceeds client’s requirements.
All activities at DDS will, at all times, comply with statutory, regulatory and obligatory requirements as applicable.
We will achieve excellence in all our business processes by defining objectives and working towards time bound completion. We will take prompt action on observed deviations, and lessons learnt will be used to redefine our practices, policies and procedures for continual improvement.
DDS management constantly reviews the skills and competence of employees, marine crew, and project team and provides for required training to excel in deliverables.
We proactively team up with our subcontractors and involve them to deliver value for money to our projects. DDS only strategy for growth is to provide a platform for inclusive development of all stakeholders.”

HSE Policy
Development Diving Services LLC is committed to actively promote and ensure health and safety at all its worksites by preventing injuries, protecting the environment and avoid damage to property.
DDS HSE Management system is established based on International Safety Management Code, IMCA Guidelines, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 international requirements. MARPOL and SOLAS forms the basis for Safe and Pollution free operations of our vessels.

DDS HSE objectives are:
- Zero tolerance for HSE compliance
- Provide for safe practices in diving, ship operation and all activities at worksites
- Minimise Risk impact for all work activities
- Conserve resources to the best possible levels

These objectives will be achieved by:
- Abide by all applicable legislations and other regulatory and obligatory requirements
- Involve everyone on site, including subcontractors, in implementation of HSE practices
- Continuously improve on the skills and competence of personnel to develop and sustain HSE Culture
- Stop Work authority for all on worksite who observes any deviation on HSE requirements
- Proactive Risk Assessments for all activities including ship operations
- Prevent pollution in all operations and maintain good housekeeping practices
- Follow high standards of personnel hygiene and discipline when on worksites
- Employ only those who meet the competence requirements for IMCA, Offshore Safety Standards, STCW and Client recommendations for HSE.
Though HSE is a line responsibility, the top management of DDS takes the ultimate accountability for all HSE matters in the company. DDS ensures that this policy is implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization both onshore and offshore.

Drug, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
Development Diving Services strictly prohibits consumption or being under influence of drugs, alcohol or any intoxicating substances that would impair the performance of work and pose a threat to health, safety, legislations or work environment. To ensure full compliance to this policy on prohibiting Drugs, Alcohol or substance abuse the following measures are implemented in DDS:
- -Continuously promote awareness on ill effects of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse.
- -Total prohibition on worksites for possession of drugs, alcohol and restricted substances.
- -Frisking and verification at worksites to ensure zero tolerance to drugs, alcohol and substance abuse.
- -Random medical test for drugs, alcohol and prohibited substances when consumption is suspected or when requested by the client.
- Pre-employment medical examination as per applicable regulations and legislations.
- Declaration of prescription drugs to Medic on board on joining duty o shore.
- Provide assistance through preventative, educational and rehabilitative measures to overcome drug and alcohol problems that could impair an employee’s ability to work safely.
The company reserves the right to ask any employee to undergo a test for detection of drugs, alcohol or substance abuse. This policy applies to all personnel on DDS worksite including subcontractors and visitors.
Failure to abide by this policy, including refusal to undergo medical test will be grounds for disciplinary action and may call for immediate dismissal and further investigation.