DDS has a reliable team of excellent Engineers that posses the capabilities to carry out feasibility studies, installation engineering and create safe and accurate working procedures with respect to Installation or decommissioning Offshore Structures mainly pertaining to the subsea domain. Along with this, we have a team of efficient Divers and a fleet of dependable ROVs that allow us to translate our Studies into action at the highest quality. Our capabilities extend the below range that in no way is limited. We believe we can plan and execute any subsea Project successfully and at the highest quality.
• Installation of subsea structures such as PLEMS, Manifolds, Valve skids, Riser bases & Mid-water arches
• Complete Installation of Mooring systems with Suction piles, driven piles or conventional anchors for Floating units including FPSO's
• Installation of Offshore loading systems including floating & subsea hoses
• Installation of suction, gravity or Piled anchor systems arches
• Load-out & transportation of project pipeline and materials
• Repairs in Pipelines using Tie-in Spools and Mechanical Connectors using Diver or Diver-less intervention menthods.
• Platform Preparation to receive riser
• Rigid riser transportation and installation
• Flexible/Dynamic risers inclusive of ‘l’ or ‘J’ - tubes
• Equipment to be utilized depending on local circumstances
• Landfall preparation & construction
• Trenching & burial activities
• Outfall construction